Press for Northline

Northline heralds the emergence of a major realist talent”
John Marshall, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Perhaps the most moving novel of the year.”
Sunday Herald

“Vlautin has written the American novel that I’ve been hoping to find.”
George Pelecanos

“What’s particularly arresting about Northline is its modesty. The plot offers few twists or turns, the prose is clean and simple and never tries particularly hard (which works in its favor) and the characters, while wonderfully imagined, are an uncomplicated lot. And yet it is fiercely alive with an understated empathy, an understanding of human frailty and resilience. It comes across like the truth and in this day and age, that is something of a triumph.”
Tobin O’Donnell, San Francisco Chronicle

“Halfway between a Sam Shepard play and a Willie Nelson song, the language is spare, simple and beautifully hewn, and if there’s only a flicker of redemption, it shines all the brighter in the gloom. Not least among the book’s charms is the accompanying CD, a lovely desert sunset story-soundtrack.”
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